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PartyParty is the top European source for political professionals, vital for those working in politics, parties, and election campaigns. We tell the stories from the perspective of the people inside the machine rooms of politics - non-partisan, practical, and across borders.  

What you can expect

PartyParty provides practical content in different formats.

Giving recognition to your political staff

It’s time to show your appreciation for those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to get you where you need to be. Giving recognition to your political staff is important to show your appreciation for their hard work...


What sets us apart

High-quality insights on how to run a successful party are hard to find. We are changing that.


We provide you with insights and  best practices from all democratic parties - from center left to center right. Because we are not focusing on ideological battles, but we want political parties to function better.

Across borders

We look beyond national borders and party families and cover all levels of politics - from the local to the European level. In our reporting, we therefore adopt a European perspective that has not existed until now.


PartyParty imparts practical knowledge from political experts for political professionals on all levels. Our coverage offers hands-on knowledge and concrete practical tips for improved and innovative political work.

Fostering the culture of accepting help

From an early age, I have always struggled to admit when I need help and to ask for it. I grew up being told not to shy away from asking trusted people for assistance. Yet, I never ‘believed’ it was something I could do...


Campaigns: aiming for national or local media coverage?

The condition of roads, the funding of local schools, the local employment rate — sadly, modern, populist politics seem to be less and less about the...


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